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<string name="app_name">Dungeon 18</string>
<string name="dungeon">" Dungeon "</string>
<string name="lost_land">" Lost Land "</string>
<string name="colosseum">" Colosseum "</string>
<string name="gallery">" Gallery "</string>
<string name="tutorial">" Tutorial "</string>
<string name="select_class">Select Your Hero: </string>
<string name="saved_game">Saved Game: </string>
<string name="lose">You lose.</string>
<string name="win">You win!</string>
<string name="equipment">Equipment</string>
<string name="monster">Monster</string>    
<string name="leader_board">Leader Board</string>
<string name="local_arena">Local Arena</string>
<string name="kill_turn">killed in %d turns.</string>
<string name="score">Score</string>
<string name="upgrade">" Upgrade:"</string>
<string name="feats">" Feats:"</string>
<string name="next">"NEXT"</string>
<string name="step_1">"Step 1 / 8:\nWelcome to tutorial mode!\nThis is a dungeon adventure game; the top of the screen is the hero status panel, the middle is dungeon events, but there is no event now.\n[Please click this dialog!]"</string>
<string name="done_1">"Well done!\nWhen you finish a step, the next button will be enabled. Just press it to go to the next step.\n"</string>
<string name="step_2">"Step 2 / 8:\nIn the top status bar there are basic attributes: life, attack, defense, and speed.\n*Life: the game is over when you do not have enough life to defeat any monster.\n* Attack: do more damage.\n* Defense: take less damage.\n* Speed: a lower value will increase the number of attacks.\n[Please press hero status window to view upgrades and feats!]"</string>
<string name="done_2">"You can slide left or right to switch between the dungeon event window and hero upgrades and feats!\nUpgrades require stars, so you can't upgrade yet."</string>
<string name="step_3">"Step 3 / 8:\nHere comes a boss, your goal is to defeat it!\nBut your level is one and your experience bar is empty. You need to level up first.\nWhen you can't complete an event, the background will be black (as shown).\n[Long press on the boss event!]"</string>
<string name="done_3">"The details of the event are displayed! Press anywhere outside of the popup window to close it.\nYou can view the details of any event by long pressing it.\nNext we will learn how to gain experience."</string>
<string name="step_4">"Step 4 / 8:\nHere come the slimes, time to get some experience!\nDamage during battle will automatically calculated. \nPress a slime to defeat it and get loot and experience.\n[Defeat all slimes!]"</string>
<string name="done_4">"Congratulations! You beat all of the slimes and leveled up!\nEach level you gain gives you 3 stars to upgrade attributes.\nLet's learn how to upgrade now."</string>
<string name="step_5">"Step 5 / 8:\nThe fairy will enhance your attributes if you pay stars.\nEach attribute has its own limit; a '!' will be added after an attribute value when the limit is reached.\n[Use all of your stars to upgrade the hero!]"</string>
<string name="done_5">"The hero became stronger!"</string>
<string name="step_6">"Step 6 / 8:\nYou might have noticed the keys.\nPress on a door to automatically use the key to open it.\nThere is usually old equipment behind doors.\n[Use a key to open any door!]"</string>
<string name="done_6">"All doors will disappear when you don't have any keys left.\nYou can keep one or more keys, because there may be better loot later."</string>
<string name="step_7">"Step 7 / 8:\nYou can spend coins to buy equipment from the merchant.\nYou should examine equipment before you buy it by long pressing on the merchant.\nThe merchant will sell any equipment that you got before.\n[Use all of your coins to buy equipment!]"</string>
<string name="done_7">"Unlike doors, the merchant will still be there even if you spend all your coins. He just wants to sell more equipment!"</string>
<string name="step_8">"Step 8 / 8:\nIt's time to rid this place of evil.\nYour hero has become stronger, so you should be able to defeat the boss now.\nGo, hero!\n[Defeat the Skeleton King!]"</string>
<string name="done_8">"Congratulations, you beat the Skeleton King!\nPress the "Game Over" event to leave the tutorial!"</string>
<string name="novice">Novice</string>
<string name="barbarian">Barbarian</string>
<string name="berserker">Berserker</string>
<string name="dragoon">Dragoon</string>
<string name="thief">Thief</string>
<string name="assassin">Assassin</string>
<string name="skeleton_king">Skeleton King</string>
<string name="novice_help">beginner class, easy to level up.</string>
<string name="barbarian_help">high health, easy to master.</string>
<string name="berserker_help">powerful attack, specializes in killing monsters without taking damage.</string>
<string name="dragoon_help">balanced offence and defence, very hard to master.</string>
<string name="thief_help">high speed, steals equipments to increase attributes.</string>
<string name="assassin_help">gains health from one-hit-kills.</string>
<string name="skeleton_king_help">lord of the undead, rules the entire dungeon.</string>
<string name="skeleton">Skeleton</string>
<string name="slime">Slime</string>
<string name="cyclops">Cyclops</string>
<string name="pumpkin">Pumpkin</string>
<string name="werewolf">Werewolf</string>
<string name="yeti">Yeti</string>
<string name="griffon">Griffon</string>
<string name="squleton">Squleton</string>
<string name="cat_sith">Cat Sith</string>
<string name="wailing_wall">Wailing Wall</string>
<string name="demon">Demon</string>
<string name="earth_knight">Earth Knight</string>
<string name="fire_knight">Fire Knight</string>
<string name="water_knight">Water Knight</string>
<string name="wind_knight">Wind Knight</string>
<string name="door">Door</string>
<string name="trap">Trap</string>
<string name="shop">Merchant</string>
<string name="fairy">Fairy</string>
<string name="old_hero">Old Hero</string>
<string name="gladiator">Gladiator</string>
<string name="win_normal"> You Win</string>
<string name="win_golden"> You Win</string>
<string name="game_over"> Game Over</string>
<string name="skeleton_help">"previous victims of the dungeon that have been awakened by Skeleton King to fight for him"</string>
<string name="slime_help">"crawls around, likes to eat shiny things"</string>
<string name="cyclops_help">"born with only one magic eye, its abilities are unknown"</string>
<string name="pumpkin_help">"over ripened, these pumpkins are very hard to eat"</string>
<string name="werewolf_help">"transforms to human on the night of the full moon, high attack power"</string>
<string name="yeti_help">"ice snowman, high defense."</string>
<string name="griffon_help">"the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle with talons on its front feet"</string>
<string name="squleton_help">"secretary of Skeleton King, she carries a variety of rings"</string>
<string name="cat_sith_help">"a noble gentleman, can speak seven languages"</string>
<string name="wailing_wall_help">"even the most sharp weapon can only cry"</string>
<string name="demon_help">"try to entice the King with eteral life"</string>
<string name="earth_knight_help">"one of The four knights of the King, silence and honest, has a yellow magic mirror"</string>
<string name="fire_knight_help">"one of The four knights of the King, irritable temper, has a red magic mirror"</string>
<string name="water_knight_help">"one of The four knights of the King, gentle and kind, has a blue magic mirror"</string>
<string name="wind_knight_help">"one of The four knights of the King, wayward impulses, has a green magic mirror"</string>
<string name="door_help">"there is old equipment behind this door"</string>
<string name="trap_help">"a growth in the dungeon, it will attack any creature close to it"</string>
<string name="shop_help">"appear throughout the dungeon to sell a variety of equipment, but where the equipment comes from is still a mystery."</string>
<string name="fairy_help">Fairy</string>
<string name="old_hero_help">"appear in the dungeon arbitrarily to give help"</string>
<string name="gladiator_help">"an armed combatant who loves to get in violent confrontations with other gladiators."</string>
<string name="win_normal_help">"If you defeat any boss, you win the game!"</string>
<string name="win_golden_help">"Defeat the Skeleton King to enter the colosseum."</string>
<string name="game_over_help">"There are no more available events, game over."</string>
<string name="key">Key</string>
<string name="copper_coin">Copper Coin</string>
<string name="silver_coin">Silver Coin</string>
<string name="golden_coin">Gold Coin</string>
<string name="star">Star</string>
<string name="yellow_gem">Yellow Gem</string>
<string name="red_gem">Red Gem</string>
<string name="blue_gem">Blue Gem</string>
<string name="green_gem">Green Gem</string>
<string name="white_gem">White Gem</string>
<string name="wooden_sword">Wooden Sword</string>
<string name="wooden_shield">Wooden Shield</string>
<string name="wooden_ring">Wooden Ring</string>
<string name="iron_sword">Iron Sword</string>
<string name="iron_shield">Iron Shield</string>
<string name="iron_boots">Iron Boots</string>
<string name="iron_ring">Iron Ring</string>
<string name="great_sword">Great Sword</string>
<string name="wind_dagger">Wind Dagger</string>
<string name="tower_shield">Tower Shield</string>
<string name="mithral_sword">Mithral Sword</string>
<string name="mithral_shield">Mithral Shield</string>
<string name="mithral_boots">Mithral Boots</string>
<string name="yellow_ring">Yellow Ring</string>
<string name="red_ring">Red Ring</string>
<string name="blue_ring">Blue Ring</string>
<string name="green_ring">Green Ring</string>
<string name="black_ring">Black Ring</string>
<string name="white_ring">White Ring</string>
<string name="dragon_fury">"Dragon's Fury"</string>
<string name="winter_breath">"Winter's Breath"</string>
<string name="storm_roar">"Storm's Roar"</string>		
<string name="shadow_dagger">Shadow Dagger</string>
<string name="black_shield">Black Shield</string>
<string name="white_shield">White Shield</string>
<string name="wind_boots">Wind Boots</string>
<string name="holy_sword">Holy Sword</string>
<string name="holy_shield">Holy Shield</string>
<string name="ring_of_goddess">Ring of the Goddess</string>
<string name="skull_sword">Skull Sword</string>
<string name="skull_shield">Skull Shield</string>
<string name="skull_ring">Skull Ring</string>		
<string name="ring_of_life">Ring of Life</string>
<string name="ring_of_attack">Ring of Attack</string>
<string name="ring_of_defense">Ring of Defense</string>
<string name="ring_of_speed">Ring of Speed</string>
<string name="unknown">Unknown</string>
<string name="key_help">Open the door or trigger the thief's skill.</string>
<string name="coin_help">Gather coins to buy equipment in shop.</string>
<string name="star_help">"Upgrade the hero's attributes."</string>
<string name="gem_help">"This magic gem upgrades a single attribute."</string>
<string name="white_gem_help">"This powerful magic gem upgrades all of the hero's attirubtes."</string>
<string name="mithral_help">"mithral forged, has a strong life enhance"</string>
<string name="black_ring_help">cursed</string>
<string name="dragon_fury_help">"A gift from the King to the Fire Knight, the fire never extinguishes."</string>
<string name="winter_breath_help">"A gift from the King to the Water Knight, enemies will be frozen by this sword."</string>
<string name="storm_roar_help">"A gift from the King to the Wind Knight, thunder rolls with a gentle swing."</string>		
<string name="shadow_dagger_help">"crafted with a Demon's horn, cursed."</string>
<string name="black_shield_help">"You can't move the Wailing Wall, but you can knock off a stone."</string>
<string name="white_shield_help">"A gift from the King to the Earth Knight, it has almost no weight."</string>
<string name="wind_boots_help">"The Cat Siths's favorite boots."</string>
<string name="holy_help">"A holy set blessed by the Fairy."</string>
<string name="skull_sword_help">"sword of the Skeleton King, cursed"</string>
<string name="skull_shield_help">"shield of the Skeleton King, cursed"</string>
<string name="skull_ring_help">"ring of the Skeleton King, cursed"</string>
<string name="ring_of_life_help">"This incredible yellow ring always raises your life to 999."</string>
<string name="ring_of_attack_help">"This incredible red ring always increases your attack by 10%."</string>
<string name="ring_of_defense_help">"This incredible blue ring always increases your defense by 10%."</string>
<string name="ring_of_speed_help">"This incredible green ring alwasys decreases your speed by 2."</string>
<string name="experience">Experience</string>
<string name="quick_learner">Quick Learner</string>
<string name="apprentice">Apprentice</string>
<string name="gem_seeker">Gem Seeker</string>
<string name="rich">Rich</string>
<string name="lucky">Lucky</string>
<string name="rage">Rage</string>
<string name="block">Block</string>
<string name="shopping">Shopping</string>
<string name="bargain">Bargain</string>
<string name="unlock">Unlock</string>
<string name="disarm_trap">Disarm Trap</string>
<string name="steal">Steal</string>
<string name="purification">Purification</string>
<string name="evasion">Evasion</string>
<string name="life_leech">Life Leech</string>
<string name="dark_presence">Dark Presence</string>
<string name="undead">Undead</string>
<string name="experience_help">Gain experience to level up by killing monsters.</string>
<string name="quick_learner_help">Level up with less experience.</string>
<string name="apprentice_help">Learns special skills from old heroes.</string>
<string name="gem_seeker_help">Find more gems.</string>
<string name="rich_help">Find more coins.</string>
<string name="lucky_help">Find more equipment.</string>
<string name="rage_help">just rage.</string>
<string name="block_help">block some damage</string>
<string name="shopping_help">find more shops</string>
<string name="bargain_help">reduce the price of shop items</string>
<string name="unlock_help">opens doors without keys</string>
<string name="disarm_trap_help">disarms traps with keys</string>
<string name="steal_help">steals equipment from the shop</string>
<string name="purification_help">"purify cusred equipment"</string>
<string name="evasion_help">avoid trap damage</string>
<string name="life_leech_help">gain health when monsters do no damage.</string>
<string name="dark_presence_help">Open doors, disarm traps, and get shop items with no cost.</string>
<string name="undead_help">cannot recover life</string>