Wooden Set Edit

Item wooden sword Item wooden shield Item wooden ring

Enhances a little life.

Wooden Sword: +25hp, +3 atk
Wooden Shield: +25hp, +3 def
Wooden Ring: +25hp, +1 def, -2 speed

Iron Set Edit

Item iron sword Item iron shield Item iron boots Item iron ring

basic equipment, better than nothing.

Iron Sword: +6 atk
Iron Shield: +6 def
Iron Boots: -4 speed
Iron Ring: +3 atk, +3 def

Advanced Set Edit

Item great sword Item wind dagger Item tower shield

decrease/increase speed, choose them wisely.

Great Sword: +9 atk, +3 speed
Wind Dagger: +6 atk, -2 speed
Tower Shield: +9 def, +3 speed

Mithral Set Edit

Item mythril sword Item mythril shield Item mythril boots

mithral forged, has a strong life enhance.

Mithral Sword: +99 hp, +7 atk
Mithral Shield: +99 hp, +7 def
Mithral Boots: +99 hp, -4 speed

Color Rings Edit

Color rings, enhance a variety of attributes.

Item yellow ring Yellow Ring

+500 hp

Item red ring Red Ring

+10 atk

Item blue ring Blue Ring

+10 def

Item green ring Green Ring

-5 speed

Item black ring Black Ring: cursed. 

-99 hp, +4 atk, +4 def, -2 speed

Item white ring White Ring

+4 atk, +4 def, -2 speed

Magic Swords Edit

Item fire sword Dragon's Fury: gift of the King to Fire Knigh, the fire never extinguish.

+20 atk, -5 def

Item ice sword Winter's Breath: gift of the King to Water Knight, others will be frozen by this sword.

+10 atk, +8 def, +1 speed

Item thunder sword Storm's Roar: gift of the King to Wind Knight, rolling thunder with gently swing.

+8 atk, -6 speed

Item shadow dagger Shadow Dagger: crafted with Demon's horn, cursed.

-99 hp, +16 atk, -2 speed

Magic Armors Edit

Item black shield Black Shield: can't move Wailing Wall, but you can knock off a stone.

+20 def, +6 speed

Item white shield White Shield: gift of the King to Earth Knight, almost no weight.

+40 hp, +14 def, -1 speed

Item wind boots Wind Boots: can flying, Cat Siths's favorite boots.

+5 def, -8 speed

Holy Set Edit

Item holy sword Item holy shield Item ring of goddess

holy set, Fairy blessed.

Holy Sword: +99 hp, +20 atk
Holy Shield: +99 hp, +20 def
Ring of Goddess: +99 hp, +10 atk, +10 def, -2 speed

Skull Set Edit

Item skull sword Item skull shield Item skull ring

equipment of Skeleton King, cursed.
Skull Sword: -200hp, +22 atk
Skull Shield: -200 hp, +22 def
Skull Ring: -200 hp, +10 atk, +10 def, -4 speed

Incredible Rings Edit

Item ring of life

Ring of Life: incredible yellow ring, always make your life to 999.

Item ring of attack

Ring of Attack: incredible red ring, always increase 10% of your attack.

Item ring of defense

Ring of Defense: incredible blue ring, always increase 10% of your defense.

Item ring of speed

Ring of Speed: incredible green ring, alwasys decrease your speed by 2.